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Activity : The Chase : Week 10 - The Results

*waves* Soooo funny story. The season ended and I got distracted by various things. And then I was going through some LJ files today and I thought to myself, um, did I put up the results at nascarland?!? Sure enough, I didn't. Haha! Oopsie!

So here they are nearly 2 months late.

And done bitter sweetly since one of these drivers has retired recently.

How the drivers finished this week:
Carl Edwards-34th
Jimmie Johnson-1st WINNER
Joey Logano-4th
Kyle Busch-6th

In order within the 4 Chase drivers:
In standing order:
1- Jimmie (40) + 20 for winning
2- Joey (20)
3- Kyle (15)
4- Carl-13

Check out my example from week one's results post if you are lost. If you correctly guessed where the driver finished within the 4, you got points. If not, no points.

Points for this week:
bluecat731-0 (guessed none correctly)
hermionesparkle-0 (guessed none correctly)

Point Leaders:
hermionesparkle-195 1st place
bluecat731-108 2nd place
deifire-55 3rd place

Thank you to the 3 others that played along with me in the Chase. I am not sure if I will do it again this upcoming season. We'll see closer to that time. :)
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